New episodes of Kavaleer’s ‘Kiva Can Do’


Currently broadcasting on RTEjr ‘Kiva Can Do’ continues to thrill young viewers. New episodes are being added this week to the 26 (out of 52 eps) already broadcast. ‘Yoohoo Cuckoo’ written by us debuted on Wednesday 28th December. More to follow in 2017!


When Zig and Zag met President Trump

It’s been a surreal week for sure. We posted a clip of when we interviewed Donald Trump back in 1998 (in the guise of Zig and Zag ) and it’s been doing the rounds on the internet, radio and TV in Ireland. On our Zig and Zag Facebook page the clip has been viewed nearly 37,000 times in less than a week.


Here’s the video on our YouTube page.

YouTube: When Zig and Zag met President Trump

A piece in the Independent:

Irish Independent

And the Daily Edge

Daily Edge