Little Roy – Bring Back Becky

Another episode of Little Roy that we wrote entitled ‘Bring Back Becky’ will be broadcast July 4th 8.20 on CBBC.

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Danger Mouse DVD

The Danger Mouse episode we wrote ‘Danger Is Forever’ will be included in a new DVD featuring ten more episodes from Series One of the DM reboot. The London Eye and ice cream theme featured on the cover are from our episode too. Exciting!

Available July 17th

DVD Available here

DVD Blurb:

Ten more episodes from the children’s animated series following the adventures of the world’s greatest secret agent Danger Mouse (voiced by Alexander Armstrong) and his best friend and sidekick, Penfold (Kevin Eldon). With the help of their boss Colonel K (Stephen Fry), the duo pit themselves against all manner of threats including battling a mysterious villain who releases a number of dangerous inmates from Arkwright Asylum and an evil princess attempting to erase weekdays forever.

The episodes are:
Series 1, Episode 18 – Never Say Clever Again
Series 1, Episode 33 – Tomorrow Never Comes
Series 1, Episode 34 – Half The World Is Enough
Series 1, Episode 37 – Danger Is Forever
Series 1, Episode 43 – The Spy Who Came In With A Cold
Series 1, Episode 46 – Agent 58
Series 1, Episode 47 – Thanks A Minion!
Series 1, Episode 48 – High School Inedible
Series 1, Episode 49 – Mousefall
Series 1, Episode 50 – Mouse Rise